Summary : ' The Dream Of Adventure '

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Try America.
Who knew that this foreign land would be where a girl, sixteen years of age, would be living, maybe, for the rest of her life. It had always been her dream to live in a house where it almost looks like a palace compared to the houses back in her motherland. It had always been her dream to stroll the streets of an unfamiliar place in luck to quench the burning thirst of adventure within her. She loves the thought of adventure. She loves the thought of exploring a new world where many are unfamiliar to her. To see a world where there are no dust rising from the filthy grounds like of those of her former neighborhood. To see a world where the roads are as clean and smooth as a polished obsidian. To see a world where the trees are as green as a peridot.
That sixteen year old girl is me.
Strolling the streets of my former neighborhood had been fun and was an epic adventure. An adventure to see children playing happily in the streets, conversations between mothers over their worn down wooden fences, and fathers who are lazily sitting on a chair under a tree smoking a cigarette. Those were the image that are embedded in my brain. From this neighborhood, I learned how even in some troublesome circumstances, everyone helps each other. Considering everyone knows who is who. Everyone is polite to each other. Everyone is kind. Their are some occasional fights from idiotic hooligans but it always ends about an argument over a bottle of beer. Gazing at stars had always been…

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