Summary: The Effect Of Logos

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The Effect of Logos
Journalist Nikole Jones, in her podcast “The Problem We All Live With”, and H.G Bissinger, in his book, Friday Night Lights, address racial tensions between black and white people. The rhetors make logical arguments using numbers and examples to persuade their prospective audiences about the inequality in the opportunities available to black and white high schoolers, and that black people are unfairly stereotyped by white people. Jones is more successful than Bissinger because she reaches her intended audience and focuses on her arguments about race throughout her entire work, while Bissinger’s best seller is directed to sports fans and is not solely about race.
Both the podcast by Jones, and Friday Night Lights by Bissinger
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She gives a backstory explaining the worries of the parents’ of Francis Howell in order to give her audience both point of views so that her arguments and point of view are more reasonable and believable. Jones includes Beth Cirami’s argument that she is worried “about [her] children getting stabbed, or taking a drug, or getting robbed” as a specific example of the generalization all the parent sof the Francis Howell school district are making (Jones). This contributes to the point Jones is making about how black teenagers are wrongfully stereotyped as dangerous and violent. This same point is made by Bissinger when he explains how all the black people that lived in Odessa were characterized as one of two types of black people, “there were the hardworking ones who were easy to get along with and didn’t cut corners and melded in quite nicely...they deserved the respect of the fellow whites. Then there were the loud ones, the lazy ones, the ones who stole… they didn’t deserve to be called black, because they weren't” (Bissinger 90). This generalization takes away the identity of each individual black person living in Odessa. Jones’ argument again is more effective to her specific audience because that point is one that is seen throughout the whole podcast, and one of the main purposes of her podcast. Bissinger, on the other hand only touches upon racial tensions in Odessa. Both Nikole Jones and H.G Bissinger make solid arguments about the racial tensions in small towns but Jones manages to relay her argument to her audience better than Bissinger because Bissinger’s intended audience has a larger volume of sports fans than
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