Summary: The Epidemic Of Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity is not just a hefty problem this country is facing, it’s an epidemic. This occurs when the child is overweight in comparison to their age and height. There are many causes which leads to this wide-range issue, factors such as eating patterns, outdoor activities, and psychological factors can lead to childhood obesity. Having an unhealthy eating diet such as fast food, chips, soda, and baked goods all can have an impact on a child’s weight gain. Chains of fast food restaurants such Mcdonald's, Taco Bell, Burger King, and Wendy’s, target young people. For example, there is a young child watching television and a commercial comes on, these commercials corrupt the child’s mind and portrays that it is healthy to it eat when it's not. In addition, parents will buy their kids this junk food because it is cheaper than buying…show more content…
Children spend their time playing video games either on a gaming system or computer. As a consequence by not doing any physical activity that the body needs children become lazy. When a child becomes lazy it is harder for them to even try and get moving. The benefits of going outside and doing any type of physical activity, is that your body burns off the calories you have intaken, and fat, also while being outside your body absorbs vitamin D which is something that you need. It’s important to have some kind of outdoor activity because this is the second main cause of childhood obesity. In some cases, childhood obesity is caused by psychological problems. For example, a young boy's parents are getting divorced, the young kid will use food to cope with his negative emotions. Eating while sad or depressed is extremely dangerous because it can lead to obesity and obesity can lead to other unhealthy problems such as a stroke. Even if a child is under a lot of stress or anxiety they will use food as a coping

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