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Tammy Marquardt Gesika Ilishia ISU Tammy Marquardt is a female. She was born and raised in Toronto Ontario. Her mother had raised her. Her mother had European descent and her father was an Anishinabe. During Tammy’s teenage years se had long suffered sexual abuse by her mothers boyfriend. She left her Parents home when she was just 17 years old. Tammy began to have a relationship with a male named Robert Nelson and in the summer of 1990, Tammy and her boyfriend were expecting a child. Robert Nelson did not stick around for the birth of their baby boy Kenneth Wynne who was born on May 18, 1991 making Tammy just 19 years old. After Robert leaving, Tammy began seeing a man named Rick Marquardt. Before Kenneth’s second birthday Tammy…show more content…
Tammy had made her way upstairs as she approached his bedroom she had saw the child tangled in its own bed sheets, grasping for air to breath and appeared to be in distress from lack of air. Tammy shocked, tried to free Kenneth but was very unsuccessful. She then tried calling 911 for an ambulance. The 911 operators to preform CPR but Tammy instructed she unstable could not bring herself to calmingly follow the instructions given. Later the ambulance had shown up and had taken Kenneth to the hospital where he was revived and given air. Kenneth had suffered too much brain damage, which lead him to be taken off life support three days later. The relationship between Tammy and Kenneth was a mother and son bond which in their case was stable because even though Rick was abusive she did not let him harm Kenneth where when things got bad she became in contact with the Children’s Aid Society where she was willing to put him into care for three months in order to protect him when she felt their living situation became unbearable. Tammy became a suspect in 1993 when Charles Smith concluded that Kenneth’s death was no accident after preforming a detailed autopsy of the two year-olds body. Tammy became a suspect because she was the only one in relation to Kenneth and she was the only one who had reported the murder and claimed it was an accident. The Trial The trial took place on October 24, 1995. A judge and
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