Summary : ' The Fair Muttered '

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Upon hearing this, Chandler the Fair muttered, “I see.” He then asked her a question, in an inquisitive tone. “Is Magpie, the leader of your crew, aware that any of this even happened?” “I’m afraid not,” replied the Plaid Jungfrau. She explained to him, “I didn’t know who to ask, so I thought you would be interested in passing this up to your superiors in Pennsylvania. And now that I mentioned it, you think it’s possible that you could negotiate with your superiors about considering the YCHS’s request?” Before he replied to a favor that was requested of him by the Plaid Jungfrau, Chandler the Fair went to the refrigerator inside his hotel room. There, he pulled out a bottle of Eagle’s Flight and two small glass cups containing solid ice. At a table next to the fridge, he opened the bottle of Ryanite soda, and began to pour the tasty beverage into the two cups, emptying the entire bottle in the process. Supposedly, the Plaid Jungfrau had the idea that one of the two cups was meant for her. After that, he went to her and gave her one of the two cups he poured the beverage into. When he finished drinking his own glass, Chandler said to her as she drank hers, “To be honest, we got nothing to lose from accepting their offer.” He then added, alluding to the dream that he had prior to his awakening. “Besides, I got this really strange feeling that I was supposed to agree upon such terms, right after I woke up.” “So is that a yes or a no, Chandler?” wondered the Plaid Jungfrau,
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