Summary: The Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park faces many damaging factors which destroy the biodiversity of the reef, the health of the coral located in The Great Barrier Reef as well as the water condition of The Great Barrier Reef. Most aspects that damage The Great Barrier Reef are caused by one of the following issues: climate change, which can cause immense destruction to The Great Barrier Reef’s coral by causing them to bleach and therefore die. Pollution which has major impacts on the reef’s resilience and heath, industrialisation which is at fault for the increasing amount of dredging and dumping on the reef which causes the death of both the coral and marine life. Outdated fishing practices also causes harm to The Great Barrier Reef’s marine…show more content…
In both 2009 and 2014 the strategies that had been used for those years seemed to be made up of good planning and processing but had poor inputs and outcomes. These results seemed to show that there had been no factual working developments to decrease the amount of extraction of top order predators in the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrie Reef Marine Park has put several restrictions up in order to try to prevent the amount of predators being extracted from the Great Barrier Reef these are known as zonings. By zoning sections of the reef people fishing in the reef are able to identify which area fishing is legal and illegal in thereby stopping fishing in zones of high abundance of important fish for the reef ecosystem and food chain. The idea of zoning is to achieve ecologically sustainability for the reef. Throughout the years the government has collaborated with fisheries to manage the amount of fishing takes place in certain areas as well as to make sure they have environmentally safe fishing practices. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority have set up certain measure in order to protect the predators of The Great Barrier Reef. Some of these measures include surveillance of the activities that take place in The Great Barrier Reef as well enforcement of regulations in certain zones of the reef. Though the strategies that have been put in place to protect The Great Barrier Reef’s marine life have been somewhat effective there will be no way of completely preventing the extraction of predators in The Great Barrier Reef. This is due to though zoning regulations have been put in place there are still private fishermen fishing outside of the regulated zones, as well as the extraction of predators can’t always be controlled for sometimes catching can be accidental while fishing for different fish. A prediction
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