Summary : ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Anna & Duke, Jordan & Shawn
What Happened: Duke and Anna planned to runaway together and give love a second chance. Before meeting up, Duke (Ian Buchannan) unsuccessfully tried to call off the hit on Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) for being a police informant (she was able to get the upper-hand and kill the shooter; 5/8). On Julian 's orders, Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) cornered and shot him in the abdomen (5/7). Duke made it to the docks and died in Anna 's arms. Carlos bragged that he would likely get off for lack of proof, and a grieving Anna (Finola Hughes) shot him (5/15). Commissioner Sloane (Grayson McCouch) helped her dispose of Carlos ' body and any evidence (5/20); they tell everyone that Carlos attacked her and escaped arrest. Anna 's guilty conscience causes hallucinations of Carlos taunting her (5/22). Sloane 's consolation turns into sex (6/1). Anna leaves town to spread Duke 's ashes and clear her head (6/8). On 5/18, Jordan had to break her cover and arrest Shawn (Sean Blakemore) to prevent a Sonny-initiated hit on Jason (at the time, it was believed he killed Duke). She pulled him back as began to fire. It 's assumed his bullet is what hit Hayden in the head. Jordan confesses TJ is Shawn 's son, hoping it will motivate him to take a plea deal and give Sonny up (5/22). He refuses and goes to prison, furious at Jordan for her lies and betrayal, never telling TJ the truth (5/27). TJ (Tequan Richmond) has a department store racial profiling incident that…
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