Summary: The Great Missile Crisis

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Both Presidents had done pretty well in the years that they were able to serve but like everyone else who had ever existed, a mistake or bad move was bound to surface sooner or later most of which were during Kennedy’s Presidency. One of the most famous blunders created throughout the early 60s was named The bay of Pigs invasion. This disaster took place in Cuba, an island 90 miles off the Florida coast. The United States was always troubled about this place since 1959 when Fidel Castro overthrew a US backed dictator. Once Castro was sure of power, The United States terminated diplomatic relations with Cuba. The outcome to this was Cuba developing ties with the Soviet Union creating the idea that if this got any worse, Cuba could become a representation…show more content…
The third crisis that took place was The Great Missile Crisis of 1962 which was described to be a confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union over Soviet ballistic missiles deployed in Cuba. This happened over the span of a couple days and was the closest to ever drive The United States and the Soviet Union into total war. Installing missiles so close by the United States worried them into thinking for the…show more content…
When Khrushchev became aware of this his response was a letter that suggested to Kennedy that if United States removed the quarantine and stayed out of Cuba he would remove the missiles in return following with the second letter demanding that the United states remove the missiles in Turkey. He publicly agreed to the first letter and later on met the second letters agreement through negotiation. Since this event, the two countries signed a nuclear war treaty and created a personal hotline between each other for better and quicker communication. The western hemisphere being asked to join, The Alliance for Progress was also formed which was a vast cooperate effort to satisfy the basic needs of people in North, Central, and South America for work, land. homes, health, and schools. Although this act never lived up to President Kennedy's full expectations because of the doubt Latin America had over the benefits of the alliance, this was a kind gesture of peace that showed Kennedy's willingness to move forward. Kennedys desires for a world with nations working together at peace did not stop
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