Summary: The Health Care Industry

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The Health Care Industry
Healthcare providers are extremely important in the fight against sex trafficking. The number of trafficked women who saw a healthcare professional was 28% (Deshpande, 2013). That number increases in the United States, with 50% of victims seeking care while being trafficked (Macias, 2013).
Currently the US Department of Health and Human Services has certain questions to screen individuals for sex trafficking. Such as “Where do you sleep and eat?” and “What are your working and living conditions like?” (Deshpande, 2013). However, much more training for healthcare professionals and state programs is still needed. There is a lack of awareness of human trafficking (Ahn, 2013).
Many victims are illiterate, homeless, scared,
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State Department has stated that globally, human trafficking one of the top human rights violations of today’s age (Gresens, 2010). Other developed countries such as Europe have also stressed that “prostitution violates human dignity and human rights, whether forced or voluntary” (Almog, 2016, p. 843). The issue of how women are taken advantage from being coerced into the sex trafficking life due to vulnerability, then abused, mistreated, and stripped of rights due to threats, physical barriers, and fear, takes away all of a person’s rights. This is also an issue as discussed early with a majority of sex trafficking victims being women. All around the world, women are seen as being less valuable than men, therefore being sold and not having a voice. In addition, to a lack of rights, in certain countries women do not have a right to education, which is how they end up being stuck in a cycle of sex trafficking and prostitution.
We live in a world that glorifies sex. The media and entertainment industries uses sex to sell products and music. It is no wonder why the sex tourism industry is booming and bringing in billions of dollars in revenue annually, as discussed early. People who partake in these services travel all over the world and have created vacations around it. Many people who are victims of sex trafficking are women and culturally, women are treated as objects.
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First, in research, there is a clear need for education for health care providers. They come in contact with 28% of human trafficking victims and since there is a huge population effected, it is important to treat and aid victims right now (Deshpande et al., 2013). Therefore, “A robust healthcare response, however, requires a healthcare workforce that is aware of the health impact of this issue; educated about how to identify and treat affected individuals in a compassionate, culturally aware, and trauma-informed manner; and trained about how to collaborate effıciently with law enforcement, case management, and advocacy partners.” (Ahn, 2013, p 283). Next, there needs to be a way to track and get more definitive data. Most research is just estimates because this is a very secretive and underground industry. Lastly, there needs to be more research on prevention and background research done on the individuals who are demanding these services. From the research in this paper, most sources lack any prevention
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