Summary : ' The ' I Am ' Essay

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Pouring tea for the strangers who had tried to politely refuse, Waverly Earp eyed them cautiously, trying to parse out the story they were telling. They looked disheveled, and road-weary, like they had traveled for days, which interested her. Visitors to Purgatory were rare, rarer still visitors to the Homestead. But Waverly knew exactly why not all could be welcome.

"So you, Xavier-"

"Please, call me Dolls," The man interrupted, Waverly figured about as cordially as he could muster.

"Right, so you, Dolls, are the Xavier Dolls? The wanted one, that Europe wants to hang? Oh I knew there was something about the paper clippings about you I liked. People are scared of you, you know. But everywhere you go murder seems to stop when you leave, things that plagued villages stop plaguing them. And who are you? Do you do this, too, should I recognize your name?" Waverly bubbled in confused excitement, turning to Dolls ' pretty, redheaded companion. He 'd done most of the talking for both of them, but she 'd done most of the smiling.

"Uh- I 'm Nicole. Haught. Mostly before now I 've only dealt with the fully human kind of evil. Oh, or books. But I- I want to help your family. Protect you, keep you safe. Oh, and end the curse. We 're here to help." Nicole tugged some stray strands of red hair behind her ear. If Waverly was still unsure of what to make of the stern mystery Xavier Dolls, she felt sure about his partner Nicole, no matter how new she was.…

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