Summary: The Importance Of Immigration To The United States

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Many people desire to come to the Unites States of America. However, the country would be overwhelmed and would simply not be able to support everyone. Therefore, the United States needs to be selective, and allow only the best to come in. This would allow them to contribute and expand the economy. To begin, American employers find it hard to fill all of their jobs. Even with an unemployment rate of 7.6%, as recorded in March 2013, millions of jobs go unoccupied each month. This is mainly due to the lack of skilled workers in many technologically advanced fields and the lack of workers as a whole. STEM fields are expanding at a surprising rate, with the number of jobs growing three times faster than the rest of the economy. However,…show more content…
As a result, a 1% increase in the number of immigrants with college degrees leads to a 15% increase in patent production. Immigrants are also able to start new companies at a rapid pace. From 1995, immigrants have co-founded 52% of all Silicon Valley firms. Many of these companies turned out successful, including Google, Intel, and eBay. All evidence shows that immigrants help to expand the economy, and contribute to the United States positively. Furthermore, immigrants will be able to help the United States stay in competition with the rest of the world. When compared to other countries, the United States only issues a small amount of employment-related visas. For example, the U.S. only issues 15,000 more of these visas as Australia does for their equivalent, even though the population size is fourteen times larger. Additionally, the United States must compete with countries like Chile. Chile offers immigrants $40,000 in equity-free capital and a visa for one year when starting a company. This program has attracted more than sixteen hundred applicants from seventy countries, with American applicants being the majority. This makes it clear that the United States of America need to open its doors to skilled immigrants, in order to keep up
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