Summary: The Inadequacy Of Social Services

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Of the 10 barriers listed, by Mandell & Schram, I choose: The Inadequacy of Services, The Difficulty of Evaluating the Seriousness of a Problem, The Fear of Being Judged, Labeled, or Punished; because, of my own experience with these barriers (Mandell & Schram, 2012) I can relate to Kathy’s story, because I also experienced many social services when I was growing up. I faced abuse, from my step father, from the age of 3 till about 11, when he was incarcerated for murder. I also watched him abuse my mother being abused during this time, and I also saw how it affected her long-term. We attended batters women shelters, and homeless shelters and eventually I was placed into Foster care. The abuse my mother received took many years of social services,
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