Summary : ' The Jungle '

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U.S. History 32A
Lesson 2 Assignment

As you read The Jungle, write an analysis/reaction journal. You should write one “entry” for about every three or four chapters. This “journal” should consist of your personal reactions to what you are reading and your analysis of the points the author seems to be making and how he is making them. It should NOT be a book report or summary of the plot of the novel. Of course, it will be necessary for you to refer to and describe characters or events in the novel.

Don’t forget that the assignment is to give your analysis and reactions to the characters, events, and Sinclair’s apparent points. What follows is a list of questions that might help to guide you in your thinking as you read the novel and write your journal. These questions are intended to be guidelines only. Don’t feel compelled to follow them to the letter.

How do the events in the novel make you feel? What emotions do they bring forth and why?
How well written is the novel? Is the plot engaging? Does it seem realistic? Are the characters well formed? Can you identify with them? Do you care about them? How do you feel about them?
What point(s) is Sinclair trying to make to the reader? Does he have a political agenda? If so, what is it? How effectively does he make his points? Explain.
What, if any, value does the novel have as a historical source? Is it worthwhile reading for U.S. history students?

If you use quotations, cite page numbers. Do not use any outside sources in…

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