Summary: The Life Of Charlemagne By Einhard

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Who is the better King? One might ask how do you differentiate between two Kings? what makes a “good” King? As historians it is important to note that values today do not have the same connotation as a great leader. Qualities of a superior medieval King include being successful in warfare; loyalty to ones followers; being religious and trying to convert others to Christianity; and 1have charisma. Einhard and Asser wrote very informative biographies about their chosen King describing their great attributes. Einhard wrote, The Life of Charlemagne, around 825/826. Einhard wrote The Life of Charlemagne, when Charlemagne passed away. The biography about Charlemagne had nothing but pleasing things to say about Charlemagne. Charlemagne was…show more content…
Asser looked up to Einhard and had a copy of Einhard’s, The Life of Charlemagne. He used it to help inspire him on how to be successful in writing The Life of King Alfred. Opposed to Einhard, Asser wrote his book about Alfred when Alfred was alive. Alfred was King of Wessex reigning from 871-899. Alfred endured many obstacles dealing with the war, however, he never gave up. Alfred became King in the middle of war. He defeated the Vikings in April of 878. Vikings were Scandinavian people who left homes to raid, pillage, trade, settle or all of the above. Many nations were paying tribute to the Vikings so that they could stop their attacks. Gunthrum, in charge of half of the Great Army led a surprise attack on Wessex, Alfred’s men were repulsed. Alfred secured his loyalty of his men by defeating the Vikings. Alfred was also a religious King, he prayed every night; certain psalms; and he learnt the daily course. He was not wasteful in which he gave money to the church. Unlike Charlemagne, Alfred the Great was a very literate person. He was big on education. He created education reforms, educated his sons and his royal court, tried to learn how to translate Latin into old English was always wanting to learn more. Alfred was deemed pious because he took care of the poor. Alfred was an active
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