Summary: The Man Who Mistook His Wife Of Hat

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The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat Dr.P, a musical enthusiast, was a man who lived his entire life through music. Dr.P’s family began to notice something peculiar about the way he was unable to recognize anything for what is was. I decided to pay him a visit and decide for myself what the problem truly was. When I reached Dr.P’s house, I was approached with a well-organized home with incredible musical inspirations all around. Dr.P greeting me with a tune describing my shoes then my pants, shirt and my nose. Never once did Dr.P address me as a whole, as if he was only able to see me as a unconstructed potato head. He seemed unable to grasp the concept of my persona. After being greeted with the wonderful tune, I decided to run some tests…show more content…
I have been assigned to 5 cases, one of them being a group of 4 who handicapped men. Within this house there is a man named Barry Klemper, he is twenty-eight years old and has convinced himself he is a golf pro. He has even given his first golf lesson to a man named Mr.Hedges; most of the lesson was wasted because Barry continued to call Mr.Hedges, Hodges. Barry takes his golf incredibly seriously, the life of Barry Klemper revolved around golf and his problems with his dad. Barry received a letter today stating that, his dad will be coming to Boston and stopping by for a visit; although Barry claimed to be excited, there was a certain helplessness about the manner in which Barry studied the letter. He seemed as thought Barry was frightened by the news of his father’s arrival; Barry constantly went on about the box of chocolates his dad never failed to send him during Christmas. Even though Barry mostly spoke of his father in an admirable manner; it was evident there was a division in Barry’s relationship with his…show more content…
I brought him some books and golf tips from Jack Nicklaus. He had no response, Barry did not even look at me, to indicate he knew I was sitting there speaking to him. I spoke to him about Arnold and how he finally decided to return the mats, Lucien gave me a quarter to give to Barry for a golf lesson once he got out and Norman went to the doctor, they told him he needs to stop consuming so much sugar. Seeing Barry like this, I blame myself for what happened to Barry. When I heard of the news that Barry’s father was coming to visit, I asked my boss to stop it but it was out of his authority. My bosses, boss deemed that Barry was stable because he spoke to him about golf. Barry always spoke of golf, Barry’s entire life revolved around golf and my bosses boss let Mr.Klemper see Barry because he was stable. If Barry had been stable, he would not be sitting in this institution collecting dust because Barry is so much more than he seems. He cares, he cared for his father deeply and his father hurt him; his father hurt him so deeply that it sent him into such a frenzy even the people closest to him couldn't calm him down. This was my fault, I have been monitoring these boys for eight months, I should have done everything in my power to stop Barry’s dad from coming and I didn’t. Right before I left, I told Barry how I had found a job elsewhere and how all the boys threw me a surprise birthday
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