Summary : ' The Matrix '

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Cogito, Ergo Sum

For Descartes, the only absolute truth is that we are something that exists and thinks. “I think therefore I am.”(Soccio pg 163) All other things that we are human, male, female, have a body, etc. could be just an illusion created by a dream or a deception created by a demon or God. The only thing we can be certain of is that we are some sort of thing and that we think.
If this is all a dream, how do I know if I am truly awake? perhaps I am in a dream within a dream. There was a popular series of movies starring Keanu Reeves called the “Matrix” in which the world is a barren waste land and all the people are incased in tanks and hooked up to tubes with the electricity of their bodies used to fuel the world of the aliens. The people of this world go about their daily lives in a dreamlike state convinced that everything they see and do is real. They wash their cars, go to work, eat and sleep and it is all an illusion. Then some of them are awoken from their dream states to help humanity. They come to realize everything in their life is false.

So then how can I tell if I am truly awake? Am I really living in this apartment, did I really make an online purchase at The Body Shop and binge watch “American Idol” or did I just dream it. Perhaps I think that I can determine awake from dreams because when I am awake and I cut myself I bleed or I bruise when I hit my knee on the coffee table. Therefore I am awake but what about when I dream that I am eating a meal…
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