Summary : ' The Night '

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Morgana takes her foot off the gas pedal and presses down on the brake stopping the car outside 2106 Mayday road. As I was thanking whatever deity let me survive such a traumatic experience the seat belt unbuckles itself. The passenger door swings open, and I jump out of the car planning to say hello the ground by kissing it then realize the sidewalk isn 't very clean so I don 't. Morgana and I walk up to a house that looks like all the others on this street who could possibly know that one of the most important people in the entire world lives there. Morgana knocks on the door since there isn 't a doorbell, and a man with thick square glasses dressed in a stripped shirt and bland colored pants opens the door. The man has a foolish smile…show more content…
“Here you go Mr. Lawson.” “Please call me Theodore.” “Would you two like to come inside I 'm sure my wife and children would absolutely love to meet you?” “We would love to.” Theodore lead us into his home I could only hope that his children and wife weren 't as boring as he is. His wife was in the kitchen filling the cupboards with porcelain cups, bowls, and plates. Theodore 's thirteen year old son was laying on the living room floor reading a book titled Tales of Camelot. His sixteen year old daughter was sitting on the brown leather couch her thumbs moving open and down as she texted someone. Theodore introduces us to his entire family his wife 's name is Ashley, his daughter 's name is Taylor, and his son 's name is Matthew. Morgana sits down at the kitchen counter to see if she can learn anything of importance from Theodore and Ashley while I get to know Taylor and Matthew. Taylor doesn 't even look at me when I sit down on the brown leather chair across from her I doubt she will even talk to me. Matthew on the other hand immediately closes his book and looks right at me. “Do you know anything about King Arthur?” “I know more than most people do, but if you don 't believe me you could always give me a quiz to test my knowledge.” “What is Arthur 's last name?” “Pendragon.” “Name two of Gawain 's brothers.” “Agravain and Gareth.” “What are the names of Morgana La Fay 's sisters?” “Morgause and

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