Summary : ' The Night '

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i. when he 's seven years old, oikawa finds himself caught in the pouring rain. it 's mid-evening, and he 's roaming the emptied roadways all by himself; the streets like ruptured veins, the buildings spilling out like fractures of neon lights and ripped-paper kites. he 's blocks away from his own home, drifting amongst the dying wisps of an oil-pastel twilight, and as he kneels down, he can trace lightly along the countless cracks of the pavement; slowly, slowly, feeling the imperfections with the ridges of his own tiny fingertips, brushing against the jagged edges pulled apart at the seams. as he kneels down, there 's a buzzing in the stilted summer air, a hum in the restlessness as though something big 's about to happen; and oikawa finds himself breathless, if only for a lapse in all of time, because it 's beautiful, it 's so so beautiful, and still he 's unhappy, he 's so so unhappy. the sky is violet. violet, violet, and streaks of azure and lilac rushing upwards all at once, dissolving into the flower-twined cloudlight like molten stars; and it reminds oikawa of himself, really, of himself and all that he is and all that he ever will be, everything in the space of a second. he 's the poster child for happy one moment and sad the next- because, after all, he loves aliens and flickering stars, junior astronomy books and globes of the celestial sphere, all mixed up together as one big happy thing stamped across his brain- but he hates the feeling he feels so often like

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