Summary : ' The Night '

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One sunny morning in June, Taylor and Peyton had just got done with breakfast. They were going to see if their friends Ryan and Justin just next door wanted to go with them to the park that was just down the street from their house. They walked through the front yard, the grass was all dewy and wet from the rain the night before. The girls walked up the steep brick steps to Ryan 's front door, "ding, dong" went the loud door bell. They waited on the red brick porch until Ryan answered the door, when answers the door he was still in his blue pajamas. "Hey Ryan we wanted to know if u wanted to go to the park with us" asked Peyton, " Actually I was just about to get dressed and come ask u guys if u wanted to go out to the woods with Justin and I" explained Ryan. "Okay sure we will go get our boots on and we will be over" said Taylor. The two girls walked through the wet front yard of Ryan 's house, staring to get to the road to get back to their house. Taylor walks up to her creaky front walk way and opens her blue front door, Peyton follows talking on and on about how excited she was to hang out with Justin. They walk into their room and grab their boots, "okay let 's go, oh and don 't forget to grab a jacket". They walked back over to Ryan 's house and then went over to Justin 's house, then finally started to be on their way. "Okay everyone I think it 's just up ahead". Said Ryan excitedly, "Hey I remember this place my dad used to take me camping here

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