Summary : ' The Night '

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Journal 18 Opening his eyes, the man discovered that his fellow companion had already woken up and was patiently was patiently waiting for its master to rise from his deep slumber. Every single day was the same for him, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or evening; however, he did not mind that his life was comprised of repetitions involving the most monotonous tasks. One of his tasks involved ringing a bell, of which he neither had no clue as to why he was doing it nor when he started doing it. But the man never ceased his daily routine because he felt strongly compelled to continue his so-called job. It was less of a physical force and more of a spiritual pressure that contributed to this seemingly meaningless task. Perhaps, in retrospect, one of the primary reasons he carried on his duty was his fascination with the vast sky that had clouds in abundance. Contrary to his ascetic appearance, the man had a strong background in physics, understanding that clouds are white because the white light of the sun scatters off the clouds through Mie scattering. He craved knowledge and coveted deep understanding. The maxim that knowledge is power suited the man more than anyone else. Journal 19 The sky is clear, but looking into the background divulges a different sentiment altogether. After travelling on the road for many weeks to reflect on past events, the lady parks to take a brief walk and a breather. The landscape is barren and all the various signs to her left reflect an

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