Summary: The Occupy Wall Street Movement

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1) There has been a massive change in the different ways that the public police are reacting to protests across North America (Gillham,Edwards,Noakes,2011). During the Occupy Wall Street Movement , it becomes evident that police have taken new measures in securing the streets and preventing protesters from taking things out of line (Gillham,Edwards,Noakes,2011). A few of the strategics used by police were directing the protestors, to a free speech zone (Gillham,Edwards,Noakes,2011). An area where it be simple for police to maintain and control the risk , many of the protestors bring forward (Gillham,Edwards,Noakes,2011). They also barricaded the park and sidewalks and put into force an advanced surveillance system , which consisted of a…show more content…
A vast majority of people are instead trying to find a better sense of security elsewhere (Kempa 2016). Which leads to the grand expansion of private security which may help the market but not the police force (Kempa 2016). Another aspect that stands out to Kempa , is the fact that too much money is being invested on police forces in Canada, yet nothing is changing (Kempa 2016). Which in turn leads to many angered communities wondering were their money is going (Kempa 2016). These problems also lead to many police officers having a tough time going out to work everyday and receiving scrutiny from all directions , causing them to have a low morale and low self esteem , which affects their productivity and confidence in the long haul (Kempa 2016). One other important aspect of police reform that Kempa looks at, is that as result of the massive wave cyber crime has become , the public police need to be better trained on how to deal with certain situations , which a few years ago may have seemed unrealistic or too rare, are now becoming frequent in todays world (Kempa
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