Summary : ' The Resurrection '

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o 34) Matthew 28: 1-20 The Resurrection  Summary: Mary and Mary Magdalene went and looked at the tomb and were shocked when they saw an appearance “like lightning” wearing “clothes white as snow.” Jesus had been crucified, as the angel had told them, and the women were told to go to Galilee and then to tell Jesus’s disciples to do the same. While the women were coming back, the elders and the chief priests met and told the soldiers to tell the people that Jesus’s disciples had gone during the night and had taken him away while they were asleep. Then, the 11 disciples arrived in Galilee and met with Jesus. Though some doubted, they all listened to Jesus say that he would be with them until the end of time.  Commentary: I feel this section of the Bible is fortunately only known for its positives, rather than its negatives. Jesus had been reborn and it was a true miracle. The beauty of the situation is his rebirth isn’t something that everyone had to know. He only actually told a small group of people, but it didn’t matter. Seeing is believing but it doesn’t mean that every believer has to see every belief. I despise what the elders and chief priests did to cover up Jesus’s rebirth, but in the end Jesus was the winner, so it didn’t actually, nor has it ever, mattered. o 35) Dante’s Inferno:  Summary: The book starts off with Dante in a “wooded forest”and Dante appears to be lost and afraid. Dante says he has fallen “astray.” Dante comes upon a “spotted Leopard,” a
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