Summary: The Service Treatment Record Life Cycle Management Process

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The development of organization polices is required to achieve certain goals. When goals are not met, policies may need to be reevaluated and a different approach initiated. Often when this happens, the goals are reestablished without indication of why the new policy had to be created. A policy that has changed is the service treatment record and non-service treatment record life cycle management process. When there are new policies, there can be positive and negative outcomes due to learning curves. A very big contributor to a seemliness transition is to have those that will be doing the job involved in the policy change process. The processing of the service treatment record and non-service treatment record life cycle management process was a function of the medical treatment facility of were the military member is located when they separate or retire. The policies that regulate the timeliness of processing date back to 1994 and according to Murray (2014) medical records are required to be mailed to the veteran’s affairs department within 45 days of separation. The objective had not been met so the old policy was cancelled with a new policy on how the transfer will take place. According to Losey, Meisinger, and Ulrich (2005) transition is necessary due to the change in perspective on certain work place objectives.…show more content…
This gives a time for question and answers on concerns that may arise. Management does not have to have anyone involved, but having a subject matter expert in the decision-making process can be a source to reduce confusion and set a path forward that all parties can get on board with the change. According to Crouter and Booth (2010) bringing individuals with different backgrounds helps identify issues that affect
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