Summary: The Swedish Liability Of Homework

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Homework: A Swedish Liability?

Homework is the age old tool used to torture students for generations that now could become something of history. Here my job is to persuade you to why we should abandon the old school system for a much more refined, more productive system that doesn’t harm students more than they were supposed to, a system that has already proven itself in Sweden, and with great results as well. My argument in this essay provides perspective from a student to why Canada and other countries should adopt an education system similar to that of Sweden Ok, so before we dive into the nitty gritty, we must discuss what the system was supposed to work and how it has disappointed us all. So the intentions were simple, to incentivise students who finish their work in class and don’t slack off and penalized those who can’t pull it together and must carry it as homework and stress to finish it before
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So the teacher’s job is to teach students to the best of their abilities, usually by handing out sheets and text books. And there is nothing wrong with that, but it is not the most effective way of creating deep connections from student to the text. You see ,once a teacher is stripped of their handouts, they must rely on more creative ways to get the same thing across. This happens in the “No homework curriculum”, where the teacher themselves cannot assign homework to their students. Of course, this is more work for the teachers, but devotion to students is the number one priority of the teachers, right Ms.Grunberg? Anyway this new line of teaching provokes a deeper, more thoughtful connection to the material being taught. Some of these methods include more visual representative ways of information, hands on experiences. I believe that these experiences tie up to the general “smartness” of a person, and is much more superior than its more traditional
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