Summary: The Ugly Truth

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Everyone doubts if the world is becoming a more violent place or not, maybe the fact is that wars seems more widespread than ever: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Gaza etc. Violents on the streets seems to be growing too and the media insinuates that World War III has already begun.
But we are not obliged to believe what others sell us, we are free to have our own opinions and we are free to seek the truth in which we want to believe.
From my point of view, the world is becoming more peaceful.The ugly truth is that YES, violence exists, it never hasn’t gone down to zero and I supposed that it never will, but past decades were far more violent. Steven Pinker, a Harvard psychologist , in an interview says that ‘you can really only get
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Many terrorist attacks like suicide bombing are carried out by locals and take place as part of intra-state wars or into regions occupied by foreign forces like Chechnya, Northern Ireland, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. All regimes, whether liberal or despotic, can imagine their own cities as victims of the kind of mass-casualty terrorism practiced by stateless terrorists, for example al-Qaida . But while al-Qaida’s attack in the U.S. enjoyed some support from Muslim populations, no country hailed Bin Laden as a freedom fighter.Many of these incidents do not fit in the category of ‘international…show more content…
I think it is because of the continuing genuine threat of terrorist incidents like the Boston bombing, which are unnerving because they can happen everywhere, far from the few remaining war-torn regions of the earth.Partly it is the is the media, which prefers headlines about “the Long War against super-empowered terrorists” and “global political violence in historic decline.” In the 1990s we stopped worrying about global nuclear war , only to panic about the Y2K computer glitch, and turned Osama Bin Laden and his allies from criminals got spectacularly lucky once into world-historic figures on the scale of Hitler and Stalin waging “World War IV.” But a small number of successful and horrific terrorist attacks do not augur global anarchy.

One important change which confirms that violence is declining is the improving literacy and education, as education go together with increasing political regimes today.The democractic governments are much less likely to engage in wars with each other and nowdays more and more countries are becoming democratic. At the beginning of the 20th century only about 10% of the world population lived in democratic countries - now it is more than
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