Summary : ' The Widow 's Cause '

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Gladys Y. Castillo
June 6, 2015
Cornel Stemley Jus-tice "Learn to do good, see justice, correct oppression: bring justice to the fatherless. Plead the widow’s cause." Isaiah 1:17 this is just one of many biblical refrences towards the word and action of "Justice". Since the begining of mankind, with Adam and Eve , two biblical characters, justice began in an act that provoked punishent forever towards the two ater eating a forbiden fruit. Justice has always came in different forms and definitions, the one things certain about justice has always been that in every different view and perpective it has carried the same core meaning. If you asked anyone what justice meant to them they would say words like, equal, just,
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There were different ways of punishment cultural wise such as Greeks poisoning, the Assyrians doing mutilation, and Aztecs inserting cactus needles into your skin. Many new techniques were being developed and to this day still are. Many of these old forms of punishments are no longer used in today’s justice system, reason being many of these punishments seemed humane to those in the past but when we see it now we see it as inhumane. "According to Deuteroronomy a child who is "stubborn and rebellious" may be stoned"(Diamante 2004) If a child was to be stoned today that would be a crime called upon abuse on a child no matter what the case. A great example is the verse "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" which was used to get revenge upon the crime committed for justice. We have changed our ways to receive the justice one deserves with provided jails, prisons, fines, all not only to punish the criminal but to prevent and protect others from that one person. Revenge is not key to justice. "Executions were carried out mainly against the poor: the black, the uneducated and general the pariahs of society" (Diamante 2004) Many groups were targeted back then not because of any crimes committed but because of their statues on the social pyramid. Seeing now we don’t give treatments to those who are not guilty of a crimes because then that wouldn’t be justice that would
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