Summary : ' The Winter Olympics '

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Ashlee Cortez
HCOM 211, Section 15
Research Paper Rough Draft
10 December 2014
Jamaican Bobsledding In 1988, the Winter Olympics were held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. One of the most remembered events within the Winter Olympics was the debut of the Jamaican National Bobsled team. Bobsled is a winter sport in which teams of two or four sled down tight, winding ice tracks. It is done in a cart that is called a bobsled; “a large usually metal sled used in racing and equipped with two pairs of runners in tandem, a long seat for two or more people, a steering wheel, and a hand brake” (Webster Dictionary). The Jamaican underdogs in the competition were highly underestimated by their opponents. The four historical Jamaican men that participated in the games were considered the most influential bobsledders of all time. Dudley Stokes, Devon Harris, Michael White, and Chris Stokes were the four men that changed the face of bobsleigh. One of the most common known movies still today that references the 1988 Winter Olympics is called “Cool Runnings.” Although the situation itself is the same as in the story, the storyline differs from what happens in the movie. Although “Cool Runnings” is mostly made up, the movie is based on a true story. The team had originally wanted to only race in the two-man sled, but after beating 10 other teams they decided to continue the last eight days of the games. They became very popular, especially because to everyone else, they were seen as
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