Summary. This Research Task Sheds Some Light Into How A

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Summary This research task sheds some light into how a large brand such as Nando’s does not just operate for profit, but as well as to help in society. Nando’s has been involved in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects which have changed the lives of the people in the areas where they helped. But also it has changed if not improved the face of the company. When a company is involved in a project of this length it not only helps the organisation but it also helps the community. Nando’s is involved in many CSR projects such as the PINK campaign; the Peretti foundation; Goodbye Malaria Project and the one that will be further discussed, the Broken Monsters Charity Art Exhibition or also known as the Art Project. A SWOT…show more content…
The issue of unemployment stretches far and wide into the other issues of the country such as, lack of education; crime; poor health and safety services; and the most commonly linked, poverty. Most of the issues in South Africa are rooted for unemployment. NANDO’S CSR STRATEGY Nando’s is involved in many CSR projects such as the Goodbye Malaria Project, this project is focused on the long fight against the disease malaria. Nando’s saw this as an opportunity to get involved in a project that provides the world with the knowledge and awareness of the fatal but manageable if treated correctly. Another project Nando’s is fully committed to the Broken Monster Charity Art Exhibition which uses specifically South African art in order to raise money for a greater cause which is the BookDash foundation for children’s storybooks.The Pink Campaign is a foundation started by Nando’s this is their way of showing that they do care and support the fight against Cancer. The company is supporting the Qatar Cancer Society fight against the illness and support those who are fighting against as well as those who have lived to tell their stories. They are also trying to support and join the initiative of the preservation of the Earth. A company called Conver2Green (C2G), takes oil from Nando’s and then turns it into a bio-fuel which fuels a micro generater.
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