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Torts I Fall 2015 Midterm This set of questions and answers was created by [6046]. 1.) Kaycee is the starting quarterback for the University of Montana Law Schools’ Blewits. He’s had a tremendous senior season and is the front runner for the most prestigious reward in college football, the Heisman. During a game against Oregon, the following set of facts occurred. It was in the midst of the fourth quarter and Kaycee had just thrown an 81-yard touchdown pass to Dillon, giving the Blewits a three-point lead. As Kaycee was doing his famous touchdown dance, an extremely upset John ran onto the field from the stands and blindside tackled Kaycee directly in the knees. Kaycee never saw John coming, and as a result of John’s vicious hit, Kaycee suffered torn ACLs in both knees. After visiting the doctor, Kaycee has learned that he will never be able to play football again. Kaycee is extremely upset about the incident, and more specifically the millions of dollars he will not make through being an NFL player. In seek of retribution Kaycee has sued John for the intentional tort of battery. What will be the result of Kaycee’s lawsuit against John? (A) Kaycee will be awarded appropriate damages on the behalf that John had a duty to abide by the rules of the game and he breached this duty through viciously tackling Kaycee in a time in which the rules clearly prohibit. (B) Kaycee will not be able to recover damages because football is a very physical sport and Kaycee
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