Summary: Understanding The Risks Of Suicide

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The Risks of Suicide:
Understanding the Factors of Mental Disorders
The purpose of this article is to understand the impacts that certain mental disorders have on suicide attempts. Suicide is an epidemic not only in certain nations but around the globe. The research that was conducted here is to help people understand the effects of mental disorders on others. Knowledge is the key power needed to help eliminate such an epidemic. The more people aware of the effects will help save lives rather than creating more statistics.
Key Concepts, Tenets, and/or Findings There are certain terms that were used within this research that can shed some light on this subject. Schizophrenia is a term that was used as an example for certain mental
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This article was a case study because of the overwhelming use of data and absents of real participants. the hypothesis is that the effects of mental disorders have a distinct effect on suicide attempts. There were no surveys within this research. The researchers used a data set however that was utilized as a sample. According to the article “Data were obtained from the Data Repository housed at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy for the years 1995 to 2009, inclusive” (Randall et al.,2014). Furthermore the researchers “…used propensity scoring to create a matched sample for all identified suicide attempts and suicide deaths in the province of Manitoba from 1996 to 2009” (Randall et al.,2014). After reviewing the article “This study identified 2100 suicide deaths and 8641 attempted suicides” (Randall et al., 2014). Randall et al. (2014) and his team categorized them into groups that were affected with specific mental…show more content…
I was unaware that there were more attempts than deaths. In the article, it stated that there was “2100” deaths and 8641 “attempts” which means they survived their ordeal. I know that might sound difficult to rejoice about, but it is better to have more attempts than deaths. I have always viewed suicide as a onetime action. I thought once you commit this action there is no surviving or escaping. My theory was wrong since many people are overcoming the effects with their own will. I believe if more people become aware of these effects suicide will eventually decrease. Eliminating the factors is a start and I know some are harder to treat than others; however, through science and technology, it is possible. The human race has faced worse in the past which is why I have large amounts of faith that we will overcome it no matter the
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