Summary: Utilizing The Nurse

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Utilizing the Nurse Millennials, people age 18-34, are visiting the doctor less and less every year. In the Elizabeth Whitman’s article she says, “Half of millennials surveyed by ZocDoc, an online appointment website, in June said they visited a doctor less than once a year, with 93 percent saying they did not schedule preventative visits to the doctor” (Whitman). These numbers seem very similar to William Jewell’s campus. Most students do not go visit the nurse practitioner here on campus. Whether the reason is not enough time, students are unsure of the nurses hours, or they feel put down when they go see her, students do not go. Not visiting the doctor and/or nurse practitioner seems to be a trend that is catching fire.
Many people
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There are many things that go into creating a video of this nature. These include deciding what type of emotional appeal to use, what type of message will be used, and how to frame the message are major steps in creating a video. The emotional appeal that I decided to go with was a humor appeal. Previously we had to do a little research and survey students about our topic in regards to emotional appeals. My research showed that students were more receptive to humor appeals, in respect to my topic, rather than fear; guilt; or anger appeals. Because of this previous research I knew that my video should be more of a humor appeal than anything else. This is because humor appeals tend to work better when creating a message that is geared to disease prevention rather than disease detection. My video urges students to go to the nurse when they are feeling ill. Also, this topic is not seen as serious or heavy of a topic, so a fear, guilt, or anger appeal would not be effective in getting my message…show more content…
In the Coleman and Major article individual responsibility frame is defined as,” a Utilitarian philosophy that says responsible people avoid risk” (Coleman p. 94). This means that responsible people will take care of their health and make the right choice about visiting the nurse. When framing the messages for my video I had to make sure that the frame had the following four functions: I had to define a problem, diagnose possible causes, make ethical judgements, and suggest a new course of action. Defining the problems in my video is that life is less colorful when people are sick. Possible causes may be that people are not taking necessary precautions to avoid the risk of becoming sick. The making ethical judgments function was represented when I decided that individual responsibility was an ethical choice for the video. A new course of action is for people to visit the nurse when they are feeling ill. The video focused heavily on the individual and what they can do to lower their risk of getting
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