Summary : Vincent Neil Anthony Berrick

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Jaanel Berrick Pd.1 Autobiography Parents Vincent Neil Anthony Berrick was born November 15,1964 in Kingston, Jamaica. He married a women by the name of Kenieve Maedawn Knowles, after meeting through his cousin and her best friend. She was born in the Bahamas on January 17, 2015. A little after they got married they had their first child together on April 17,1996. They named her Kenya Brianne Berrick. Three years after that they had their second child Jaanel Tianne Berrick on August 20,1999. A few years following they got a divorce and, he remarried a woman by the name of Suzzett Wint. On July 6, 2004, Vincent died at the age of 39 after being hit by a car. In addition it was later discovered that Kenieve had schizophrenia. Childhood As stated before I was born on August 20, 1999 in wellington hospital. Kenya and I were then transferred back and forth between our mother and our father. Although my mother had custody of us. Vincent (often called Neil) passed when I was four and Kenya was 7. Then Kenieve began to show strong signs of schizophrenia, however, with us being so young, we didn 't know what was going on. I truly thank God that we had aunts who knew what was happening. Kenieve has eight siblings, four girls and four boys. Two of her siblings live in Florida, while the rest live in the Bahamas. The oldest out of all of them is named Eulie, and the second oldest of the girls is Michelle. Both of them always
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