Summary : ' Water Scarcity And The Recognition Of The Human Right ' Safe Freshwater '

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Professor Menton English 1 19 November 2015 Annotated Bibliography Type of Source: 13. Basic format for an article or other short work c. Database, 477 Curry, Elliot. “Water Scarcity and the Recognition of the Human Right to Safe Freshwater.” Journal of International Human Rights 9.1 (2010): 103-121. Academic Search Premier. Web. 19 Nov. 2015. Summary: Elliot Curry, a 2011 Juris Doctor candidate at the Northwestern University School of Law, notes that the western world is doing a great job at ignoring the disastrous effects of the imminent water scarcity that other poor parts of the world will inevitably have to endure. Therefore, Curry believes that access to safe freshwater should be recognized by the United Nations as a basic right…show more content…
After proving the first solutions unrealistic, Glenton goes on to propose more viable solutions such as “making our supply last longer by using water wisely and efficiently.” Contribution: By utilizing Glenton’s conclusions of how much water we take for granted in the states, I can add more support to the establishment of a problem of our use of water supply. I can also research more on the solutions he rejected to further prove why they didn’t work and add on to his research with my point of view. Type of Source: 30. Basic format for a book a. Print, 485 Haugen, David, and Susan Musser, eds. Will the World Run Out of Fresh Water? Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. Print. Summary: Published authors and editors David Hangen and Susan Musser compiled a collection of various viewpoints from established environmentalists, scientists, and other experts that discuss the current problems and the possible solutions of the freshwater shortage. In this collection, opposing views on topics such as desalination, human rights, and international relations all related to the global water shortage are discussed. In order to support their arguments, sources ranging from books to periodicals and internet sources are utilized. Contribution: I can use Maude Barlow’s article “Fresh Water Should Be Treated as a Human Right” and Peter

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