Summary : What Kind Of Character Is Maxim De Winter '

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Du Maurier admitted that her heroine has no name because she could never think of an appropriate one—which in itself is a telling comment. What effect does it have on the novel that the heroine has no first name? Having no name allows Du Maurier to add mystery to the heroine and the overall novel. It also grants the reader more freedom of imagination in visualizing the character, as a name reveals so much about a person. 2. What kind of character is our heroine—as she presents herself at the beginning of her flashback? Describe her and her companion, Mrs. Hopper. In the beginning of her flashback, the heroine presents herself as a shy and reserved young woman without proper ettiequte but with silent ambition. Mrs. Hopper, her companion, treats our heroine with little respect and frequently patronizes her. Mrs. Hopper appears to be a gossiping social climber who know everyones business. 3. What kind of character is Maxim de Winter, and why does a man of his stature fall in love with the young heroine? What draws him to her? Maxim de Winter presents himself as an intelligent, wealthy, plain-spoken, older man. De Winter falls in love with the young heroine because of her innocence, curiosity, and naiveté, all opposite qualities of Rebecca. 4. The heroine describes Maxim thus: "His face...was arresting, sensitive, medieval in some strange inexplicable way...rob him of his English tweeds, and put him in black, with lace at his throat and wrists, he would stare down at us

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