Summary and Arragnement of the Book, Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas

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Book Tittle: Count of Monte Cristo Genre: Fiction Author: Alexandre Dumas Number of Pages: 634 Summary and “Arrangement” of the book: • The general arrangement of the book is that it is broken up into short, event-oriented chapters. Each chapter focuses specifically on the details f a single event with little deviance in terms of the story line. The chapters build upon each other in a way that creates a well-rounded understanding of the protagonist Edmond Dantés’ life. • The fist four chapters focus on Dantés accomplishments and his success. Dumas highlights all that is positive in Dantés’ life such as him becoming captain of the Pharaon at such a young age and that he is finally able to marry the love of his life, Mercedes. The fourth chapter is the turning point in which Dantés’ life turns from joy to suffering. • Chapters five and six are where Dantés’ fate is decided. He is captured on suspicion of being a Bonapartist, however, upon examination, the officer Villefort decides that Dantés is innocent and is prepared to grant him his freedom and release him from all charges until Dantés let slip the name of whom he was unintentionally meant to deliver a Bonapartist letter to. Villefort recognizes the name and address to be that of his own father. In protecting his reputation, Villefort burns the letter and has Dantés imprisoned in the Château D’If. • Chapter seven only finalizes the decision of Villefort to imprison the innocent man to save

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