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A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Electronic Medical Records in Primary Care
Cost & Economic Analysis
Kaira Ellis
Maribel M. Howell

Electronic medical record (EMR) systems are used to improve quality of care while increasing efficiency. However, there is little classified evidence regarding the benefits and costs of EMRs’. It is believed that by implementing an EMR system, there will be a significant increase in the facilitation of work flow and quality of patient care and safety (Bardon et al., 2003). The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Electronic Medical Records is conducted to estimate the net financial benefits or cost of implementing an EMR system in primary care. The hypothesis is that implementation of an EMR system in primary care can
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Savings primarily accrued from drug expenditures (33%), decreased radiology utilization (17%), better capture of charges (15%), and decreased billing errors (15%). In one-way sensitivity analyses, the model was most sensitive to the proportion of patients whose care was capitated in with the net benefit ranging from $8,400 to $140,000. A five-way sensitivity analysis with the most pessimistic and optimistic assumptions showed results ranging from $2300 net cost to a $330,900 net benefit. These results indicated that the implementation of an EMR system in primary care can result in a positive financial return on investment to the health care organization among a wide range of assumptions. According to the major steps in CBA of Chapter 1, the study method was sufficient and well organized (Boardman, 2011). However, there are a few things that I would have done differently. I would have included pre-implementation data, conducted the study in more than one clinic, and included costs of paper records with the EMR system. In the CBA, there is no record of pre-implementation of the EMR. This study was performed after implementation to compare the EMR to one that was previously integrated. Pre-implementation data would have been helpful to see the quantitative impact of the results of the study, especially when applying monetary values. Conducting the study in more than one clinic of varying sizes would help to give better understanding in the functionality in
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