Summary and Response to an Article: Besieged by Climate Deniers, a Scientist Decides to Fight Back by Michael E. Mann

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Mann, April 12th, 2012. This paper will identify the subject of the article, the occasion that prompted its composition, the intended audience, and the purpose the writer hoped to accomplish in writing it. The purpose of this paper is solely to report the information read in the article. Michael E. Mann is a climate scientist and has been confronted by many climate change skeptics over the years. In the article “Besieged by Climate Denies, a Scientist Decision to Fight Back”, he discusses his position on why he thinks that attacks on science have no place in a functioning democratic society. He also discusses why he believes the “truth” about global warming will, without a doubt, gain wide acceptance in our society. Mann begins his article by addressing the common occurrence of scientists having their work questioned by other scientists. These questions are always asked in an effort to better their work and for the sake of advancing scientific knowledge. However, politicians and ideologues also question scientists simply because they dislike the scientists’ findings. He states that him and his colleagues have fallen victim to various political interests and those who do not want to believe or accept that there is a climate change, which is owed to the harmful effects of man-caused greenhouse emission, also known as carbon…
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