Summary and Review of Jodi Picoult's Book, The Pact

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Christopher Harte and Emily Gold are life long neighbors since childhood, their friendship blossom into love and soon after it ends in a tragic death. Chris and Emily were inseparable throughout their childhood. They did everything with one another. Chris was a star athlete and Emily was a passionate artist, that’s how you could differentiate these two individuals. Although they did have there amazing academic achievements’ in common. They were also sure about the love they had for one another. When it came to Chris and Emily everyone knew that they were meant to be. Emily took a pregnancy test, it came back positive. She couldn’t deal with disappointing her parents because she was considered the perfect child. The only solution that came to mind was death because abortion wasn’t an option. When the midnight hospital call came in at three am Mr. Harte, Chris’s father answered the call and was informed that his son had been injured and he was rushed to Bainbridge Memorial Hospital. When Mr. Harte was speeding over there he called up Gus Gold, Emily’s mother. He told her Emily was also rushed to the same hospital as Chris, unknowing her actual death. Publisher’s Weekly reviewed Jodi Picoult’s “The Pact” and stating “Picoult stumbles in delineating both sets of parents’ responses to the tragedy. Unconvincing behavior and dialogue inappropriate to the situation (…the fact the parents fail to discuss crucial topics) never touch the essence of bereavement and thus destroying

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