Summary for the Book Gorgeous by Rachel Vail

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Summary for the book Gorgeous Allison Avery is one of the three Avery girls. Her older sister Quinn is beautiful, smart, and an all around good character. Her younger sister Phoebe is popular, innocent, and always happy. While Allison is just interesting looking, doesn’t try in school, and has only one best friend, Jade. Allison Avery Is a 9th grader trying to fit in, in a suburban town that she hates. Its to perfect for her, and everyone there has to be perfect too. Alison isn’t perfect and will never be perfect, so this annoys her a great deal. Jane, is perfect to, she’s a great student, and she pretty too. Allison does a project on Governor Morris that she actually tried on, and her teacher gives her a B! Allison gets pissed. She…show more content…
What is she going to do? Alison is really surprised when she figures out Roxie didn’t get picked for the competition. She wants to tell Roxie that she did but she doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Jade thinks that Alison shouldn’t hang out with Roxie anymore because jade thinks that Roxie is making Alison turn into a bad girl. Jade tells Alison that everyone is talking about her behind her back and when Alison tries to tell her the truth about how crazy her week ahs been jade doesn’t believe her. Then Alison gets a letter from the people from Zip magazine. She hides it from her parents and then reads it. It says that if she wins the modeling competition, she will receive a $10,000 scholarship, and Alison knows what’s she going to do she is going to win that money for her family, then her parents will finally see her as just as good as her two sisters. Jade and Serena give Alison the silent treatment. When Alison walks into school she notices that for the first time in her life she notices that people are actually noticing her. A rumor gets out that Alison is modeling for the magazine Zip. Roxie finds out that Alison actually got picked to be a model but instead of being mad at Alison Roxie is excited for her. Alison and Roxie decide that even though they weren’t invited to a party they were going to crash on anyways. They got all dressed up and head to the party. At the party she meets Tyler Moss, and to her surprise

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