Summary of 2001 A Space Odyssey and Personal Response Essay

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Summary Review The title of this novel is 2001: A Space Odyssey, this amazing book was written by Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke has many degrees that allow him to give depth to the plot. Clarke has also written a lot of books, like the Space Odyssey series, Childhood's End, and many more. There are three major settings in this story. The first takes place on the moon, where the climax begins when TMA-1 is found. The second setting is the Inter-planetary ship Discovery, when it is on its way to one of Jupiter's moons. The last setting is actually a lot mini settings because TMA-2 becomes a star gate, which leads to a variety of wondrous places, like an abandoned spaceport and an inhabited sun.

The main character in the book 2001: A
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It all started when HAL was created, he was programmed to not lie because it was meaningless to lie when he was in a lab full of ethnical scientists. Later on, when HAL was installed into the ship Discovery, he was given orders to not tell the real propose of the voyage to the moons of Jupiter, but HAL considered this as lying and developed a sort of computer guilt. Then, HAL cut the communication link between the ship and Earth, in order to cut of his source of guilt. However, the crew of Discovery notice and went outside to replace the equipment. Since HAL had orders to not reveal the secret, he could not tell them that he caused the problem. So, again HAL disabled the link, and once again one of the crew members cam out to fix it, however this time HAL stop him by sending him into deep space. Afterwards, Bowman confronted HAL and ordered him to wake up the other crew mates out hibernation, but HAL knew that in doing so, he would risk revealing the secret. So, instead HAL opened the air lock killing the frozen crew, never less Bowman survived and pulled out HAL?s personality boards so that HAL could not act but still manage the life support systems.

The climax begins on the moon, when TMA-1 was found, the scientists tried everything to examine it. However, radio waves, x-rays, and even a laser of immense energy could not penetrate its surface. Then something unexpected happened, TMA-1 sent of a radio
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