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Summary of Memory Distortion in Alien Abductee Study A summary of "Memory Distortion in People Reporting Abduction by Aliens" Introduction This is a summary of the article by Clancy et al., 2002. The prevalence of alien abduction stories has been increasing in recent history (Bartholomew& Howard, 1998; Newman & Baumeister, 1997). Psychologists have more recently interpreted the stories as evidence of memory distortion (Newman & Baumeister, 1997). Previously published accounts of abduction follow a certain pattern (Hopkins, 1981; Mack, 1994; Streiber, 1987). These narratives share features that are considered a cultural phenomenon due to the media (Lynn, Pintar, Stafford, Marmelstein & Lock, 1998). Sleep paralysis is a…show more content…
No significant effect was found for false recall and recognition, p = .20 and p = .94, respectively. There were no significant findings in the Group x List Type for false recall and recognition. There was a significant effect of list type for true recall and true recognition, p = .01 and p = .07. A pattern similar to that of recovered and repressed memories of childhood sexual assault was suspected in this population. A significant effect was found for absorption, p = .04. No significant effect was found for the dissociative experiences scale and the PTSD scale, p = .32 and p = .13, respectively. Discussion Four hypotheses were given in this experiment. Results from each were consistent with its hypotheses. 1) The recovered memory group attained higher scores on the false recall and false recognition test than the control. These results are consistent with the only other experiment that measures memory distortion. This previous study dealt with memory distortion of victims of childhood sexual abuse (Clancy et al., 2000). People who are more prone to exhibit false recall and false recognition in the laboratory are more likely to do the same in real life. 2) Repressed memory and recovered memory participants exhibited more false recall and false recognition than the control group. 3) The recovered memory did score higher than any group in both false recall and false recognition. 4) Recovered memory and repressed memory groups scored higher on

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