Summary of Articles on Mathematics

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Summary of Articles The articles summarized here are all about mathematics, and what should be taught in schools in the United States. They focus on the curriculum, but also on the textbooks themselves. Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects for many students, but it is also a very crucial subject that must be learned by all students so they are able to do simple life tasks such as making change or balancing a checkbook (Pashler, McDonald, Rohrer, & Bjork, 2009). Still, how mathematics are taught can vary from school to school and from textbook to textbook - with some seeing more success than others. Because that is the case, three articles will be addressed here. Each one of them deals with mathematics textbooks and curricula, and they are all from the same year and even the same magazine. The goal is to compare and contrast what they have to convey, in an effort to determine whether they are all similar in scope or take very different viewpoints on the issue. Additionally, whether the views expressed by their authors are still relevant in today's society or whether too much has changed since these articles were written in 2001 will also be explored. According to Jacob (2001), the "standards-aligned" textbook adoption process for mathematics that has been undertaken by the State of California provides a good starting point for scrutiny. The specific area to scrutinize is the impact of policies on what actually takes place in the classroom. There are often
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