Summary of Biblical Verses

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Biblical Verse Those who choose to participate in organized religion also must decide how vigorously they want to adhere to the rules of that religion. For those who belief in the verbatim word of the holy book of their chosen religion, they may opt for the Orthodox branch of their religion. Others may choose a more lax or reform type of the religion. Each type of religion has its own rules and each has different perspectives on what place the individual has in their religion. For some religions, the authorities expect for their practitioners to adhere to the rigorous standards of their doctrine. In the Christian religion, the holy book is The Bible and many of those who are authorities in the Christian religion demand that worshippers follow the mandates of the book and of the leaders in the community who speak for that religion. Under certain circumstances, there are situations in which an individual must make the decision to defy or disobey the word of their holy leader. In the Bible there are even stories which advocate times when it is necessary to defy the authority and obey the instincts of the individual self. Romans 13: 1-8 In Romans 13: 1-8, The Bible states that there is no authority other than God. The books states that God is the only authority that matters and that anything that is done against his word is a sin (McIntyre 2012). "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The
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