Summary of Chapter 4: Predictable Conflicts in the Intersections

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In this week’s reading, Chapter 4: Predictable Conflicts in the Intersections, discussed the dynamics of conflicts that exist within the family business as it relates to family, ownership, and management, which is also known as the three-circle model. This model derives from a breakdown of the two key elements of business, management and ownership. When the family is combined with business it is highly likely for paradoxes to stem from one of the three circles and the conflict becomes and paradoxes become more complex because the three circles are so closely connected and dependent upon each other. According to the reading, a problem, or a situation that reflects perplexity or difficulty is a result of underlying conflicts. The…show more content…
This is why is it would be beneficial to the family business to be proactive and put in place policies and procedures and to work hard at keeping the lines of communication very clear between the owner, family and the management personnel. All three parties need each other to insure the business is productive. Even with policies and procedures in place, situations always arise that require policies and procedures to be amended and adjusted in order to protect the brand and the health of the business. The information present is very helpful to future conflict intervention professional because the dynamics of the conflicts that family businesses face are more complex and require the mediator to understand the roles, functions and duties of the family, owner, and management personnel.
The authors’ presentation of the concepts introduced in this week’s reading was very organized, detailed and easy to follow. The examples present in the charts for each of the three circles really paints the picture really clear for the reader. This chapter makes it very clear that paradoxes may have different origins and they need to be classified properly in order to adequately manage the paradoxes. The authors say it best, “ The most effective means of handling these problems is to analyze the conflicts associated with them for inherent contradictions, then to dig deeper, in search of the primary underlying paradox and ultimately to address
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