Essay on Summary of Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

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Summary of Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx Introduction Karl Marx was born in 1818 into a middle-class, German family. During his studies, Marx was heavily influenced by the philosophy of Hegel. He joined a group called the “Young Hegelians.” The group, though “inspired by Hegel, [was] determined to champion the more radical aspects of the old master's system.”[i] Though he was a strong scholar, he got into trouble because of his radical political views.[ii] In 1847, together with fellow German, Freidrich Engels, Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto. The Central Authority of the Communist League approved The Communist Manifesto January of 1848, and the document began printing the next month.[iii] The manifesto was…show more content…
The Communist Manifesto goes on to explore the origin of the bourgeoisie as a result of development in means of production. As new markets were within reach and increasing in number so was the demand for products, but the manufacturing industry could not keep up with such a high demand. Out of this problem came the Industrial Revolution, which provided development in means of production, and in turn manufacturing could keep up with the demand. This increased the wealth of the bourgeoisie, and with this increase in wealth came their increase in power. The developments in production lead to the development of the bourgeoisie, which “was accompanied by a corresponding political advance of that class.”[vii] The bourgeoisie had destroyed the relations that link individuals to their superiors; the only remaining tie between humans is monetary exchange. The specialists, such as doctors, have been reduced to laborers and the relations in families have been reduced “to a mere money relation.”[viii] The existence of the bourgeoisie is dependent on the constant development in the means of production, with ever changing modes of production inevitably comes change in social relations. All of these disturbances have caused man “to face with sober senses, his real conditions
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