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Summary Education is needed in the life of the people of God. True education means more than a preparation for life that is now. It has to with the whole being and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It is the harmonious development of the physical, mental, and spiritual powers. The world has many great teacher but God stands higher than them which is the real soiuce of knowledge. The holy scriptures are perfect standard of truth and should be given the highest place in education. He who desire to reach God’s ideal will presents education as high as the heaven and as broad as the universe, an education that can’t be completed in this life but will continue for the life to come. In Eden, personally directed the education…show more content…
Jesus Christ is the center of our education. It is his ambition to inspire human with principles of truth, obedience, honor, integrity and purity - principles that will make them a positive force for the stability and uplifting of society. These principles become a living power to shape the character, through the acquaintance of the soul with Christ, through an acceptance of His wisdom as the guide, His power as the strength, of heart and life. This union formed, the Student has found the source of wisdom. Jesus Crist is the teacher that was sent from the Lord which is the best and the greatest. Through Christ had been communicated every ray of divine light that had ever reached our fallen world. It was He who had spoken through everyone that throughout the ages had declared God’s word to man. Christ came to restore knowledge. He came to set aside the false teaching by which those who claimed to know God had misrepresented Him. The most complete illustration of Christ’s methods as a teacher is found in His training of the twelve first disciples. Upon these men were to rest weighty responsibilities. In the training of His disciples the Saviour followed the system of education established at the beginning. All of the disciples were trained personally by the greatest teacher and developed their personality from weakness to strengths which made them people of faith that preaches and lead in the spread of God’s gospel. For

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