Summary of Eros and Civilization: Marcuse

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Eros and civilization:
Xi Break fatal union of productivity and destruction, liberty and repression.rational for continued acceptance of domination, scarcity artificially perpetuated. Strengthened by even more efficient forms of social control: very forces that rendered society capable of pacifying struggle for existence served to repress in the individuals the need for such liberation. High standards of living reconcile people with their life and rulers + social engineering of the soul and science of human relations provide libidinal cathexis. Xii Scientific managment of instinctual needs has become a vital factor in the reproduction of the system: merchandise which has to be bought and used is made into objects of the libido; national
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Revolt against machine which has taken over mechanism (pol, corporate, cultural and educational) which has welded blessing and curse into one rational whole. Body against machine (unconquered, primitive, elemental forces?) guerilla warfare as revolution of our time? Historical backwardness may become hist chance of turning the wheel of progress to another direction. The ‘accidents’ reveal substance; tear techn veil behind which real powers are hiding. Productive forces seem to become more productive the more comfortable the system becomes to its privileged subjects. Xviii Affluent society is a society at war, citizens dont notice,but victims do. Previous rev:more rational development of productive forces, now in affluent rev woul mean reversal of this trend: elimination of overdevelopment and repressive rationality. Xix in revolt of backward people, rich societies meet not only soc revolt in traditional sense, but also an instinctual revolt-biological hatred. Spread of guerilla warfare: rebels frightful existence is in total need of liberation. Western civi always glorified hero, who died for city/nation, but never asked whether city is worth it. Taboo on unquestionable prerogative of the whole always maintained and enforced and the more brutally the more the whole was supposed to consist of free individuals. Violence may start in new chain, in and against this continumm

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