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Summary of Gattaca

Vincent Freeman was a naturally born child. He was called "invalids" along with others that were born in the same way. The doctors told his parents that he had a 99% chance of dying of a heart disorder when he was about 30 years old.

His parents decided to have a second child through the genetic route. He had what was the best of his parents and he was named after his father – Anton.

The brothers competed over swimming, but Vincent always lost to Anton – invalids could not beat valids.

Even though Vincent was an invalid, but he also had his dream. Vincent always wanted to be an astronaut and to work in Gattaca – a space exploration centre. He loved the space, but each time he read books about space travel, he
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With Jerome's genes, Vincent soon got his job. He was accepted and scheduled for a flight to the space. Vincent always kept his work place clean because he was afraid that people would find his DNA and proves that he was Vincent. He left Jerome's hair and skin pieces at his work place. So even people suspected him, he was not going to be in any danger. Vincent met with Irene and fell in love with her. Irene has an excellent DNA, but she had heart problems and would not be allowed to fly any long missions.

When the mission director of Gattaca was murdered, detective Hugo discovered an eyelash of Vincent. But they did not know the person called Jerome that was working here was actually Vincent. This invalid person was their most obvious suspect. Vincent's identity was now in danger of being discovered.

When the case was announced over, the investigator was not satisfied. He went to Jerome's home, tried to find proves that could certify that Jerome had something to do with the murder. He met Eugene who was asked by Vincent to disguise as him. After the investigator left, Vincent went to see him. Vincent found out that the investigator was his brother – Anton. But at the same time, Anton knew Vincent's true identity.

They decided to have another swimming competition, and Anton wanted to prove that invalids could not beat valids and to prove last time they swam he did not lose to Vincent. Vincent agreed and he was ready for this challenge. Anton swam to
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