Summary of Harvard Management Company (2010)

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Summary of Harvard Management Company (2010)

By: Satrio Abi and Yanuar Budi Baskoro

* Harvard Management Company Introduction:
Harvard Management Company is a company which built by Harvard University itself. That means HMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University. The company built for managing the financial matter and development of the university. Because the company is wholly owned by Harvard University, the Directors of HMC is directly choosen by President and Fellow of Harvard College. The function of HMC is for managing University’s financing especially endowment. Endowment become the important income for HMC. The main job of HMC is to earn money for the endowment. The management do some investment to get the
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Making research is the main priority from Investment Manager in HMC. The benefits of this strategy are getting long term result and focus, making an active and dynamic investment management and creating strong team inside
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