Summary of Indo-US Ventures

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Indo US Ventures Figure 1 - Vani Kola Executive Summary Vani Kola, a successful award winning entrepreneur, has recently earned the opportunity to lead a venture capital fund based on her experience leading tech companies during the technology boom of the 1990s and 2000s. The new venture fund will target growth in India and since this is her first chance in such a position, Kola really needs to get off to a good start. She has identified four businesses in which she has to determine whether they are fit to pursue any further. This case analysis will provide an overview of the decision she faces and a recommended course of action for the new fund. ContentSense ContentSense is in an early stage of development and the company is trying to create a more relevant search engine than its competitors. The company has a proprietary algorithm that it has developed that shows promise in an industry that is growing at eleven percent. The company needs additional capital to further develop the technology and market its solution globally. Although ContentSense may have a lot of potential for future profitability, given the fact that the product is still early in its lifecycle the product development will carry substantial risks. This would be a high risk and high reward investment opportunity for the venture capital fund. Given the fact that Kola needs a relatively safe investment to ensure her initial success, it is not recommended that she pursue and further due diligence with
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